Amine 400 Weed Killer (Coming Soon)

Stops Weeds in Warm Seasons

Specifically formulated for use in warmer environments (above 60 ºF), this selective herbicide controls a wide variety of broadleaf weeds in pastures, lawns, and rangeland in addition to aquatic weeds.

  • Selective herbicide for warm temperatures above 60 ºF
  • Kills dandelions, cocklebur, thistle, bindweed, ground ivy, and more

Product Specifications

Up to 42,000 sq ft per quart,
Up to 168,000 sq ft per gallon,
Up to 420,000 sq ft per 2.5 gallon


0.75 fl. oz. per gallon per 1,000 sq. ft.

Mix rate

2,4-D Herbicide Formulation 47.5%

Active ingredients

12 x 1 quart,
4 x 1 gallon,
2 x 2.5 gallon

Case pack

How To Use

Where to Use It

Pastures, Rangeland, Lawns

How to Mix

To use the tip-and-measure bottle, rotate the bottle forward until liquid fills the upper compartment. After liquid has filled the top compartment, tip the bottle backward until the liquid matches the angled adjacent marks on the bottle at the intended measurement point. Once the appropriate amount of liquid is measured in the top compartment, it can be mixed directly into water in the sprayer. Amine 400 Weed Killer mix rate is 0.75 fl oz per gallon of water, per 1,000 sq ft.

See product label for additional mix instructions specific to this product.

When To Use

Use in mid season when temperature is above 60 ºF.

close up view of dandelions and other weeds
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