Our founder Exum Lewis with his dad Ike.

Ike Lewis grew up on a family farm in North Carolina and turned his love of working the soil into a life-long career in the agricultural industry. Even when running his successful corporations, Ike’s passions were in the orchard and garden.

When Ike and the family would go to town, he would invariably head to the local lawn and garden center in search of new products. Ike believed that people should be as choosy with what they use in their garden as they are about the food they eat. He knew what he wanted and was not shy about calling out products he described as, “Nothing but water in a bottle.”

Ike’s preference for unadulterated products in concentrations that allowed him to create solutions he knew would be most effective was the driving factor in establishing our product portfolio.

Our first rule of business is to only offer products that would stand up to Ike’s strict standards. Every product is guaranteed to meet or exceed the level of quality Ike demanded — after all, Ike’s name is right there on every package.

We invite you to enjoy growing with products from Ike’s, and we’d love to hear your stories. Share them on twitter.com/ikes_products.

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