garden with large potted plants and colorful small trees and shrubs


Our first rule of business? Offer products that stand up to Ike’s strict standards. That’s why his name is on the package.

Who Ike Lewis Is

Growing up on a family farm in North Carolina, Ike Lewis turned his love of working the soil into a life-long career in the agricultural industry. He believed nature was a gift that nurtured a man’s soul. Working the soil, planting seeds, and nourishing crops reinforced his guiding principles in life of faith, family, and nature, and every moment in the garden or farm allowed him to experience all three at once. Gardening was his world, and he knew it better than anyone.

That’s why he believed people should be particular about the products they choose for outdoor projects—to demand honest solutions that deliver high-quality performance at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

That means offering professional, uncompromising products that deliver exactly what you need and nothing but; no gimmicks here. IKE’s concentrates, fabrics, watering solutions and ice melt give you the freedom to grow your self-driven ambition into something greater.

Letting your hard work thrive in every project you take on, our products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the level of quality Ike demanded … that’s why his name is on the package.

cartoon of Ike Lewis
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