person working in the back yard, pushing a spreader
several of IKE'S products including the Lawn Fertilizer, Tree Watering Ring, and more

Whether you've got an acre or a hundred, we've got your back

You deserve uncompromising landscaping products that deliver exactly what you need—at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Honest solutions that give you the freedom to grow your self-driven ambition into something greater.

person working in the back yard, pushing a spreader

High-quality performance at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

containers of IKE'S Lawn Weed Killer, X-OUT Grass & Weed Killer, and Brush & Poison Ivy Killer Plus

Concentrated Weed Control Solutions

containers of IKE'S pest control concentrates

Concentrated Insect Control Solutions

container of IKE'S Pasture Fertilizer 30-0-0 and Lawn Fertilizer 30-0-0

Concentrated Liquid Fertilizers

container of IKE'S Total Disease Control all purpose fungicide concentrate

Concentrated Fungus Control Solutions

packages of IKE'S Tree Watering bags and rings

Tree Watering Aids

containers of Ike's Frost Armor Fabrics

Frost Armor Fabric

containers of IKE'S Tank Cleaner, Blockout Blue Pond Dye, and Spray Pattern Indicator

Specialty Concentrates

Weed Armor landscaping fabric products

Weed Armor Fabric

Site Armor Woven and Non-Woven fabrics

Site Armor Fabric

Not sure what product is right for you?

The Man Behind it All

Growing up on the family farm in North Carolina, Ike Lewis’s love of working the soil turned into a life-long career in the agricultural industry. Simply put, he knew how to garden, and how to do it well. That’s why he believed consumers should be particular about the products they choose for outdoor projects and demand honest solutions that deliver high-quality performance and value.

cartoon of Ike Lewis

Let Your Hard Work Thrive

How to Use Concentrates

IKE’s lawn and garden concentrates are effective, efficient, and easy to use. And with more applications per bottle than the leading ready-to-use brands, these professional-grade

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