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During a terribly hot summer with constant rainfall, there’s a chance that your lawn and garden might become overtaken by all types of weeds. Dandelions popping up? Yup. Ragweed and Nettle? Definitely. Barnyardgrass? Everywhere. Save yourself time and energy by avoiding individual sprays for different types of obnoxious weeds and get yourself IKE’S X-OUT GRASS & WEED KILLER.

Effective Weed Control That Delivers Results

Mixing readily with water, IKE’S X-OUT GRASS & WEED KILLER is a professional-grade, all-encompassing weed and grass spray that kills on contact. Providing control of an incredibly wide variety of emerging annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses, this post-emergent, non-selective herbicide delivers effective pre-plant treatment for turf, ornamentals, and greenhouses with little to no residual soil activity.

When you spray weeds and grass with IKE’S X-OUT GRASS & WEED KILLER, they will die within two to four days. If you’re looking, you’ll notice visible results showing necrosis of leaves and young shoots occurring. It’s a powerful tool that demands careful application as to not harm and kill the plants that you’re caring for. Make sure you know what you’re spraying; spraying with accuracy will help you avoid unwanted damage. Plus it’s important to note that it’s rainfast four hours after application. This means you may need to retreat weeds to avoid reduced weed control in rainy situations.

Save Time and Money With IKE’s Products

For use all year round (even in winter) IKE’S X-OUT GRASS & WEED KILLER is the superior, cost-effective alternative to other grass and weed killers on the market today. Compared to those other products, you’ll be using less product while achieving the quick, efficient results you demand. It’s the herbicide that gets the job done no matter what—without blowing your budget.


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