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Why Use Concentrates?

As a homeowner, isn’t the dream to create a property that looks and feels as beautiful and serene as a golf course? But let’s be real, those guys have teams of full-time employees and beefy budgets to get the job done. Is it possible for a homeowner to achieve those same results? You need high-quality performance products at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

That’s where we come in.

Professional-Grade Lawn Care Products

It’s definitely possible to get the job done as a homeowner. Whether you’re protecting your property from unwanted insect pests or defending a beautiful flower bed from unsightly weeds, IKE’S concentrated herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and specialty products allow you the freedom to create the solution you need for the project ahead of you. These are top quality, professional-grade products that give you the opportunity to grow your self-driven ambition into something greater—on your terms and within your budget.

We named our products after Ike Lewis, a man who believed that people should be as choosy with what they use in their garden. He believed everyone should have access to products that are usually reserved for professionals, and to not pay for products that are, as he described them, “Nothing but water in a bottle.” After all, you’re essentially paying for water when you purchase one of the many ready-to-​use herbicides and insecticides out on the market today.

More Value, More Coverage

There is no ready-to-​use product that goes as far as our products. Our products go the distance without ever sacrificing quality, covering large areas of square footage in comparison to ready-to-use products. And it’s incredibly easy to mix our concentrates because of their tip-and-pour bottles; simply tip the bottle and fill the measuring reservoir to the correct area and then add that to the proper amount of water. Anyone can do it, and in no time you’ll be enjoying the cost savings because you won’t need to run back to the store to purchase new bottles nearly as frequently.

Get the product you need and make it your own with IKE’S concentrates, guaranteed to meet or exceed the level of quality Ike demanded.

After all, that’s why we put his name on the package.

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