Blockout Blue Pond Dye

Improves water quality and clarity

High quality, long lasting and safe blue pond dye. 100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, potable water and irrigation. Maintains color and clarity for up to 30 days, non-staining when used as directed.

  • Up to 12x more efficient than typical liquid dyes
  • Easy clean-up in the case of a spill
  • Water is safe for recreational activity after dispersal

Product Specifications

1 gal. treats 1 surface acre, 4–6 ft. deep


1 gal. per acre of water with an average water depth of 4 feet

Mix rate

Acid Blue 9, 23.63%
Acid Yellow 23, 2.39%

Active ingredients

4 x 1 gallon

Case pack

How To Use

Where to Use It

Lakes and ponds

How to Mix

Pour the appropriate amount of dye into the water along the edge of the lake or pond. Blockout Blue Pond Dye will distribute evenly, dispersing with lake and pond currents, and wind-blown water movement. To assist diffusion throughout the entire lake or pond, empty the gallon container(s) at different points around the lake or pond edge, or through an aerator, circulation or injection system, waterfall or fountain. Wear eye protection and rubber gloves, carefully applying the dye directly to the water.

See product label for additional mix instructions specific to this product.

When to Use it

Use in April–August

Other considerations:

Chlorinated systems typically require dye addition within 2 weeks, while biological and photo-degradation is common within 4 weeks.

To return your beautiful lake or pond color to its intended coloration level, simply add small amounts of Blockout Blue Pond Dye from time to time which will offset the natural color loss.

small pond surrounded by a rock barrier and plants using the Blockout Blue Pond Dye
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