Frost Armor Bag

For Commercial & Residential Use

Old man winter doesn’t stand a chance against IKE’S FROST ARMOR: protective bags that defend flowers, bushes, and small trees from early and late frosts. Lightweight and easy to use, these bags feature a breathable fabric that allows sunlight to reach plants, trapping and holding heat for survival against winter’s frosty arrival—helping you defend what you have worked so hard on.


  • Protects flowers, bushes, and small trees from frost
  • Allows light rays to reach plants while covered
  • Reusable
  • Drawstring secures bag to plant or pot base


6′, 10′

Installation Instructions

  1. Place Frost Armor Bag over plant, shrub, tree, etc.
  2. Tighten drawstrings on both sides of the bag around base of plant.
IKE'S Frost Armor Frost Protection bag around a large plant
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