Quad Select

Ice Melter Formulation

Take the edge off winter’s toughest storms with IKE’S QUAD SELECT Ice Melter, providing fast and powerful results in subzero temperatures to -15 °F. Featuring a proprietary four-way chloride formula that helps prevent refreezing, this premium ice melter makes for safer walkways and easier snow removal—letting you get the job done, even when the weather doesn’t want you to.

  • Melts to -15 ºF / -26 ºC
  • Helps prevent refreezing
  • Uniform particle size for accurate application
  • Water-based, non-staining blue indicator dye for coverage control
  • Granular formula spray coated with magnesium


  • 10 lb.
  • 25 lb.
  • 50 lb.

Product Specifications

How To Use


Apply 2–4 oz. (1/4–1/2 cup) per square yard.


Sprinkle evenly on the surface area to be treated.


Remove slush and water to prevent refreezing.

Person wearing yellow boots and pushing a spreading machine full of solid particle ice melt
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