Site Armor ArmorLay

Woven Stabilization Fabric

Stop mother nature from shifting the ground beneath with IKE’S SITE ARMOR ArmorLay, a heavy-duty, woven stabilization fabric that’s designed to provide superior erosion control by adding reinforcement strength to the surface, allowing for better load distribution. Professional grade with a needle-punch weave, it helps prevent surface ruts and potholes while adding stability when used as a separation fabric between rock and soil—giving you the upper hand against nature’s most unpredictable impulses.


Driveways, patios, construction entrances & more


6′ x 300′, 12.5′ x 30′, 12.5′ x 60

Product Specifications





Grab Tensile ASTM D 4632 lb 200
Grab Elongation ASTM D 4632 % 15
Trapezoidal Tear ASTM D 4533 lb 75
Opening Size (Max AR V) ASTM D 4751 mm (US) 0.43 (40)
Permittivity ASTM D 4491 sec-1 0.05
CBR Puncture Strength ASTM D 6241 lbs 700
UV Stability (@500 hrs) ASTM D 4355 % 70
Roll Width ft 6', 12.5'
Roll Area yd2 600

Installation Instructions

  1. Mark the area to have ArmorLay Stabilization Fabric installed.
  2. Remove all grass and other organic material as well as any loose soil.
  3. Install ArmorLay directly on clean substrate. If a seam is needed, overlap 6" and use Weed Armor Landscape Pins ever 3–6' to secure into place.
  4. Install rock and compact if desired.