Spray Pattern Indicator

Reduces overspraying, saves time and money

Utilizing a blue or green indicator dye in your tank mix can save time and money by quickly identifying treated areas while also alerting you to equipment failure.

  • Non-toxic, concentrated dye is compatible with most fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Reduces overspray; saves time & money
  • Food-grade components

Product Specifications

Coverage will vary depending on volume of spray solution


1 oz per gallon, up to 24 oz in 100 gal.

Mix rate

Water soluble blue or green dye

Active ingredients

12 x 1 quart

Case pack

How To Use

Where to Use It

Turfgrass, sports fields, pastures, lawns, brush control

How to Mix

To use the tip-and-measure bottle, rotate the bottle forward until liquid fills the upper compartment. After liquid has filled the top compartment, tip the bottle backward until the liquid matches the angled adjacent marks on the bottle at the intended measurement point. Once the appropriate amount of liquid is measured in the top compartment, it can be mixed directly into water in the sprayer. Spray Pattern Indicator mix rate is 1 oz per gal. of spray solution, up to 24 oz in 100 gal. of spray solution.

See product label for additional mix instructions specific to this product.

When to Use it

Northern US states: April–September

Southern US states: March–September

Other considerations:

Spray Pattern Indicator can be used in conjunction with water-soluble pesticides and fertilizers, and dissipates quickly in wet and dry weather.

person spraying product on a very tall dandelion
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