Tree Watering Bag

Slow Release Hydration

Avoid overwatering or underwatering trees and shrubs with IKE’S TREE WATERING BAG, designed for deep root saturation with little runoff. Constructed from a heavy-duty PVC, UV-treated material to withstand the elements, it provides continuous and even water distribution and saturation. Getting parched trees exactly what they need—and nothing more—while giving yourself more time to tackle other tasks.

  • 20-Gallon Bag
  • Provides 6–8 hours of watering
  • UV stabilized and heavy duty locking zipper for longer life
  • Bag fits trunks up to 4″ in diameter
  • Easy installation and filling
  • Improves water conservation

Installation Instructions

  1. Place and zip bag around trunk of tree.
  2. Insert hose into top opening of bag.
  3. Fill bag with water.
IKE'S tree watering bag around the lower half of a small tree trunk in a yard
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