Weed Armor PRO15

Home Landscaping Weed Prevention Fabric

IKE’S WEED ARMOR PRO 15 Home Landscaping Weed Prevention Fabric is designed to allow air, water, and nutrients to pass through while blocking sunlight from reaching soil, stopping weeds from becoming anything more than a figment of your imagination. Intended for residential use, this strong yet lightweight 1.5oz polypropylene spunbond fabric ensures gardens and flower beds get exactly what they need and nothing more.


Garden & flower beds, tree surroundings & landscape projects


Roll: 3′ x 50′, 3′ x 150′

Product Specifications





Weight ASTM D 6241 gsm 50
Mullen Burst ASTM D 3786 psi 110
Grab Tensile ASTM D 4632 lb 50
Permittivity ASTM D 4491 sec-1 1.44
Puncture ASTM D 4833 lbs 40
UV Resistance (@2500 hrs) ASTM D 4355 % 70

Installation Instructions

  1. Unroll Weed Armor Landscape Fabric across beds, around existing plants or over new planting areas.
  2. Cut an "X" over each plant area with scissors or a utility knife.
  3. Roll back the triangular slits, and gently tuck the fabric back around the plant stem to cover the ground properly.
  4. Cover over with 2"–3" of mulch or pea gravel to anchor and protect the fabric.