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How to Use Concentrates

IKE’s lawn and garden concentrates are effective, efficient, and easy to use. And with more applications per bottle than the leading ready-to-use brands, these professional-grade products have everything you need to get the job done.


To get started, our simple tip-and-measure bottle works in just five easy steps:

  1. Find the mix rate
  2. Tip the bottle forward
  3. Measure
  4. Mix with water
  5. Spray

Step 1: Find the mix rate:

Check your label (or our Mix Rates Reference Chart) for the correct concentrate-to-water ratio (otherwise known as the mix rate).

Step 2: Tip the bottle forward:

Do this until the liquid fills the upper compartment.

Step 3: Measure:

Once the upper compartment is full, tip the bottle back until the liquid matches the angled measurement mark that you need for your product’s correct mix rate.

Step 4: Mix with water:

Fill your spray tank with the proper amount of water for your product’s mix rate. Now you’re ready to mix.

Step 5: Spray!

If rain is in the forecast, keep in mind that most products have an allotted rainfast indication. You’ll want to reference this information on the bottle to make sure you get the best performance per application.

Pretty simple, right? No gimmicks here. Just what you need to grow your self-driven ambition into something greater.

IKE’s Concentrates: We’ve Got You Covered!

With our concentrated lawn and garden solutions, you won’t need to worry about having enough product to get the job done. You can find peace of mind knowing that IKE’s concentrates are professional-grade products that outlast the competition and cover more square footage per bottle.

So, what are you looking for? No matter where you are in your lawn care journey, let us help you by offering top-quality solutions for each of the lawn care projects ahead of you:

  • Herbicides:

    Concentrated weed control solutions to protect lawns, gardens, flowers, and more from unsightly and unwanted broadleaf and grassy weeds.

  • Insecticides:

    Concentrated insect control solutions to protect roses, flowers, shrubs, and lawns from unwanted insect pests that invade soil and plants.

  • Fungicides:

    Concentrated fungus control solutions to control major lawn & plant diseases.

  • Fertilizers:

    Concentrated liquid fertilizers to build strong roots, provide enhanced proteins and yields, and stimulate lush grass.

  • Specialty Concentrates:

    Concentrated solutions for specialty applications including pond care, equipment maintenance, and enhancing the use of other products.

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions about our concentrates, check out the following resources:

For more information, please contact us.

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