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3 Important Things To Know About Weed Control

Maintaining a healthy lawn and garden can be a rewarding experience, but it takes a lot of hard work. That may be why there are few things more frustrating than dealing with pesky, invasive weeds. And with so many weed control products out there claiming to be the “best solution,” how does one know where to start?

That’s what we’re here for. At IKE’s, we believe you should demand honest answers and be particular about the products you choose for your outdoor projects. With that in mind, here are a few basic tips to remember before making a purchase.

1. Know Your Enemy

When it comes to controlling weeds in your lawn or garden, the first thing you need to understand is what type of weed you’re up against. Different weeds have different life cycles and characteristics, so knowing these details will make all the difference in developing an effective weed control strategy.

The same will also help you know which category of control products to buy. For example, selective herbicides will only kill specific types of weeds—not all of them. Nonselective herbicides, on the other hand, promise to kill any weeds or unwanted plants within a single application site. They are great for when you’re wanting to clear out a certain area for your patio, sidewalk, pool, sandbox, etc.

Once you identify which weeds are your biggest obstacle, you can pick the right product to accomplish your goal.

2. Know the Season

The key to effective weed management is remembering that time is of the essence. If you’ve spent any time shopping for weed control products, you probably noticed labels including terms like “pre-emergent” and “post-emergent.”

But what’s the difference between pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides?

Pre-emergent herbicides

As the popular saying goes, “It’s all in the name.” Pre-emergent herbicides only target germinating weed seeds that remain below the soil’s surface. In other words, for these products to be effective, they must be applied before weeds have emerged from the ground.

Pre-emergent products are preventative and should be applied as early as possible, preferably in early spring before weeds are visible. They can also be applied again in the fall to keep things weed-free after the growing season.

Watering activates the ingredients within pre-emergent herbicides, helping them to effectively penetrate down into the soil. Once there, they create a strong line of defense against weed growth. It’s important to always apply them evenly over a treated area. If sections are missed, weeds will emerge and grow freely. If this happens, you’ll need to switch to a post-emergent solution going forward.

Post-emergent herbicides

Once weeds are present in your yard, it’s time for a post-emergent herbicide. Most commonly applied in late spring, these products are intended for use when most weeds have appeared above ground.

Post-emergent herbicides are designed to absorb into the plant itself, effectively attacking the root structure. For maximum benefit, plan your application accordingly, making sure to avoid watering or any rainfall that could wash away the product.

3. Know Your Options

At IKE’s, we offer concentrated lawn and garden solutions that are top-quality, professional-grade products. No filler. No gimmicks.

Not only that, but our products cover more square footage per bottle than the leading competition. No matter where you are in your lawn care journey, let us help you—each step of the way—by offering the best solutions for the lawn care projects ahead of you.

Pre-emergent products

Sandbur & Crabgrass Preventer: Provides outstanding pre-emergent control of over 20 broadleaf and over 20 grassy weeds in your landscape, turf, and ornamental planting areas. If you’re looking to stop unwanted weeds and grasses before they germinate, try our Sandbur & Crabgrass Preventer.

Weed Armor Fabrics: Weed prevention fabrics allow air, water, and nutrients to pass through while blocking sunlight so that weeds can’t grow. This is useful around trees and ornamentals like flowers, bushes, and decorative shrubs.

Post-emergent products

X-Out Grass & Weed Killer: If you need a non-selective herbicide to effectively control broadleaf weeds and grasses, this is the one. Plus, our X-Out™ Grass & Weed Killer is made from foliar-active materials with little to no soil-residual activity.

Lawn Weed Killer: For both cool and warm-season grasses, this lawn weed killer utilizes a combination of three selective herbicides to control a wide variety of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds, such as dandelion, clover, and plantain.

Crabgrass & Weed Killer: Our Crabgrass & Weed Killer is a selective, post-emergent herbicide that can be safely applied to many types of turf to control a variety of broadleaf and grassy weeds such as Crabgrass.

Amine 400 Weed Killer and LV 400 Weed Killer: These selective herbicides control a wide variety of broadleaf weeds in pastures, lawns, and rangeland. Amine 400 is specifically formulated for use in warmer environments (above 60 ºF). For cooler environments (below 60 ºF), opt for LV 400 to get the job done.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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